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 Someone to Watch Over You

The next morning Drew went with Bob into town to see who was running his shop.  He asked Bob to select someone for the job of head mechanic and he was anxious to see who Bob had selected.  Drew should have known something was off by how nervous Bob was acting.  When they arrived at the shop, things looked clean and orderly as usual.  Joey was inside doing the books.  “Things look good,” Drew said as he walked into the front office.  Everything felt the same and he was glad to be back.    

Bob exchanged glances with Joey and both of them watched as Drew walked into the back where his shop was.  This was Drew’s dream business.  It startled him when he was all of the sudden standing face to face with Gil’s father, Cal Rollins.  “Cal,” Drew said.  He was shocked, but anyone looking at him would have no idea how he was feeling because he had the perfect poker face.     

Cal wiped the grease from his hands and then he extended his right hand.  “Boss.” 

Drew turned around and looked at Bob.  “He’s the best mechanic I know,” Bob said uneasily.

“He’s a meth head,” Drew said. 

“Not anymore,” Cal said.  “I’ve cleaned myself up.   I haven’t dealt dope for a long time, ever since Bob hired me to work here.”

Bob looked down at the floor uncomfortably and Doug popped his head out of the hood of a car in the far bay where he had been working when he heard Drew’s voice.  “Welcome home Mr. Jackson.”  Doug walked eagerly across the length of the garage to greet his boss.  “I’m glad you’re back.”

Drew shook hands with Doug.  “What do you think of your new garage manager?”  

Doug had not been happy at first when Bob hired Cal Rollins, but he had to admit that Cal was good with cars.  Business was booming.  “I thought Bob was crazy to hire him, but Cal knows what he’s doing.”  Doug said.

Drew was about to order Cal off of his property.  It was Cal’s son Gil that had run away with Maddie and Cal had been a jerk when Drew went to his house looking for her.  Drew turned and looked at a man who hardly ever left his side, his bodyguard.  His bodyguard was the only man Drew trusted anymore.  “Marty, what do you think of my new garage manager?”   

Marty sized up Cal, looking him up one side and down the other.  “He’s obviously done time.  He’s also a thief.”

Cal swallowed.  “How do you know I served time?  And for your information, I don’t steal things, not no more.”

“Marty knows how to read people,” Drew said.  Marty had been Drew’s bodyguard for a very long time, and now that Drew was resurrected, Marty was back.  He would do anything for Drew including give up his own life. 

Cal squinted and looked at Marty who was dressed in an expensive suit with a black tee shirt.  Marty was big enough to break Cal in half and the bulge beneath his jacket was obviously a gun.  Cal knew wise guys when he saw them.  “You’ve probably done time yourself.”  Cal said.

Drew looked at Marty.  “Well, what do you think?” 

Marty looked at Cal as he shook nervously, trying to be brave.  “If you steal anything from Mr. Jackson, it will be the last thing you ever do.”  Marty said.

Cal nodded vigorously.  “I won’t, I promise.” 

“Good, then we understand each other,” Marty said.  Marty turned to Drew and they walked over to the side away from the others in order to confer.  Marty spoke low so no one could hear.  “Give this guy a chance.  He might have more to offer than you think.  He’s a rat, but something tells me that he’s a loyal rat.  That could come in handy.”

“Welcome aboard,” Drew said.  He smiled and walked over and shook Cal’s hand.  “I guess we got off on the wrong foot.  Bob tells me the garage is doing great business.” 

Cal swallowed.  “I started fixing cars when I was eight-years-old and I won’t let you down.”  Cal then picked up a tin can he was using for spittle and spat a wad of chew into it.     

Drew nodded.  “I won’t be able to come back to work at the garage for a very long time, so take good care of my baby.” 

Joey had been watching, but when the show was over he rushed back into the main office to continue working on the books.  Drew looked at Bob.  “Do I dare ask you to find me a good accountant to do the books, or are you going to hire Laurel and Hardy?” 

“I’ll find someone you like, I promise.”  Bob said. 

Drew frowned.  He was currently in doubt about his choice to have Bob run his ranch and handle his affairs.  He was about to replace him.  “I better like the person you select,” Drew said.

Bob noticed how much Drew had changed.  Bob needed the money Drew paid him to manage the ranch, which was substantial, so he knew he better not take any more chances on people like Cal Rollins or he might lose his job. 

Before he left the garage, Drew invited Cal and his wife to dinner.  He invited Doug as well.  When they left the garage, Drew looked back as if to take it all in for one last time.  Marty noticed and he knew from experience that Drew was feeling like he may never see his garage again. 

Drew’s next stop was to see his attorney Harve Pendergast.  He introduced Marty to Harve.  “This is my employee Martin Tello.  If he calls and asks for something, please give it to him.  It’s the same as if you were talking to me.” 

“I will,” Harve promised.  With the fat retainer that Drew paid him, Harve would give his left nut to make Drew happy. 

“I don’t want you to do anything with my accounts unless it is me, my wife, or Mr. Tello that contacts you, do you understand?”  Drew taught Harve how a password works and what the password was going to be so that he could verify that it was either, Drew, Michelle, or Marty calling.      

Drew stopped at a flower shop on the way home and bought Michelle a bouquet of flowers.  “I bet she throws these in my face,” Drew said.  His chauffer Sam drove them home.  Drew was used to someone else driving now, and Sam was his official driver.  He had hired several other men to work exclusively at the ranch to guard each of his children and his wife.  He was already breaking ground on new houses for the men to live in while they were there. 


When he arrived home, Drew walked down the hallway to his bedroom to find his wife holding one of the twins while talking sweetly to the other.  He smiled at her and handed her the flowers.  He was good at predicting her actions.  She grabbed the flowers and hit him in the chest with them.  They spilled to the floor.  “I knew you would do that.”

“I hate what you’ve done to us,” Michelle said.  “You’ve made us the talk of the town with all of your damn thugs hanging around.  It’s worse being part of the Mafia in a small town like this than it ever was in the city.  You don’t care because you don’t have to be here all the time like I do.” 

“I’m sorry,” Drew said. 

Michelle glared at him.  “You don’t know what we’ve been going through.” 

Drew knew she was right, so he just stood there looking down at her with twinkling eyes. 

Michelle knew it was no use being bitchy.  She wanted to enjoy her time with Drew.  “Ricky said you were in danger.  How bad is it?” 

Drew decided there would be no more lies.  He had to tell her the truth no matter how difficult it was.  “Mario had a lot of loyal men, more than Carlo or Max predicted.”  Drew looked away.  “They’ve been coming after me and it’s pretty bad.” 

Michelle felt a lump forming in her throat.  “They’re not going to kill you are they?” 

“Not if I can help it.  So far they haven’t succeeded,” Drew said.  He gave her a look of apology.   

“Is that why you have to go back so soon, so they can shoot you?”  Tears filled Michelle’s eyes. 

“I have to go back and continue to establish myself so that they stop coming after me,” Drew said.  “Not all of them are as dumb as Mario was, and I suspect they might find this ranch if I come here too often.  Keep the children close.  I am thinking of having them home schooled.” 

“What?”  Michelle asked.  “That’s a little extreme.”

“It’s better than sending thugs to the school with them every day so they won’t be kidnapped or killed,” Drew said. 

“We’re not going to do that,” Michelle said.  “Alex wants to get into a decent college and she needs a high school diploma to do it, not some home schooling certificate,” Michelle said.  “Plus, they like having their friends.” 

“Alex can attend any school she wants whether she graduates from high school or not, we both know that.  Her grades won’t matter,” Drew said.  He was referring to the fact that he could get her into any school in the world.  That was the sort of power he possessed. 

“But that’s not what Alex wants,” Michelle said.  “She wants to be accepted to college on her own.  She doesn’t want her daddy to arrange it for her.” 

“I know,” Drew said.  He thought of how much easier things would be for his family if he were dead.  This double life was never going to work. 

“Let’s have dinner,” Michelle said.  “We can talk about this later.”  She wiped her tears away.  It was just like old times, she was going to greet their dinner party pretending to be happy while she was full of misery and about to fall apart.   


Cal and his wife turned out to be an interesting addition to their dinner table.  Maddie’s eyes were huge when she saw them.  She wanted Gil to be there, but Drew had intentionally not invited any of Cal’s children.  Doug was happy to be there near Alex and he was so hard every time he looked at her that it was almost driving him insane.  Joey was infatuated with Kat and she was permanently hard as well.  Drew thought how many male hormones were at the table.  He had never seen Joey as happy as he was with Kat.  Much to Drew’s surprise, he approved of Kat.  She seemed to suit Joey very well. 

Dinner was as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances.  Drew had not invited Bob to join them.  Bob knew this was a sign that he better not piss Drew off anymore by hiring people like Cal Rollins.  Bob didn’t know about the history between Maddie and Gil Rollins, but Doug had filled him in now and he understood why Drew had been so angry about Cal, but Bob still felt that Cal was the best man for the job.  He just hoped Drew would eventually see it. 

After dinner the adults had coffee and the children went their separate ways.  Lizzie and Maddie were anxious to show Doug and Kat their riding skills, so all of the kids went out to the barn and Bob helped them saddle up for some barrel racing.  After watching them ride for a while, Doug whispered in Alex’s ear and they slipped away. 

“God it’s good to see you,” Doug began to kiss Alex.  He wanted to push her down in the tall grass and fuck her right then and there.  They ran to his car and he hurried to drive away to the place they always went, near the small pond down the road from Drew’s property.  “My dad’s gonna kill me if he sees that we left together,” Alex said. 

“We’ll hurry back,” Doug said and when the car stopped he threw the blanket to the ground that he had in his trunk and pulled off his shirt.   He watched Alex do the same.  “I’m so hard,” he said and it didn’t take long for them to start fucking.  It was quick and straight to the point.  Alex was panting as she lay on her back after they finished as she looked up at the stars.  They both needed time to recover.  Doug was worried about Alex getting in trouble, so he quickly began to get dressed.  “We better hurry back.” 

“Yeah,” Alex said in a tired voice.  “I wish we could just lie together under the stars forever.” 

A dark figure emerged from the brush and grabbed Alex by the arm and pulled her up to her feet.  “You better get your clothes on honey.” 

“What the fuck?”  Alex tried to twist away from her captor, but the man was huge.    

“Who are you?”  Doug asked.  He was thinking of the baseball bat in his trunk and how he could get his hands on it.

“My name is Dobbs,” the man said.  “I’m your girlfriend’s body guard.” 

Doug swallowed.  “What?”

“You’re a bright boy.  I think you understand.” Dobbs looked down at Alex who pulled her clothes on as fast as she could.  “I-I didn’t know I had a body guard.  How do I know you’re not a liar?” 

Dobbs laughed.  “Sweetheart, you’re funny.  Now, let’s go visit your dad.” 

Alex stiffened.  She couldn’t seem to move.  “Please don’t tell him, I-I’ll pay you or something.” 

“What the fuck do you think will happen to me if I don’t tell your dad?”  Dobbs asked.  “You’re a pretty gal, but I ain’t willing to die for you, sorry.” 

Doug composed himself.  “We didn’t know you were following us.” 

“Yeah,” Dobbs said with a smirk, “I noticed.”  He released Alex’s arm and lit up a smoke.  “I let you have your fun because I’m not heartless, but the fun’s over now.  Time to go home and face the music.”   

“I’ll pay you not to tell,” Doug said.  “How much do you want?”

“Son, you couldn’t afford it.”  Dobbs took Alex by the arm and escorted her to a vehicle parked nearby.  Doug drove his own car back to the house wondering how he could fix this.  Drew was just saying goodnight to Cal and his wife when Dobbs walked up to the front door holding Alex by the arm.  Drew motioned for Dobbs to take Alex inside the house to the study where Dobbs sat her down on the couch and waited with her.  Alex’s stomach was full of butterflies. 

Drew sent Joey to drive Kat home and informed him that he was being timed.  Then he sent the other kids to bed.  Just before Drew went inside, Doug stepped out of the shadows.  “Wait Mr. Jackson,” Doug said.  “This isn’t Alex’s fault.” 

Drew turned around and glared at Doug.  “It’s time for you to go home Doug.” 

“No,” Doug said.  “Let me come inside and explain.” 

Drew chuckled.  He was thinking how interesting it might be to listen to how Doug would explain the fucking of his daughter.  “OK Doug, come on in.”  Drew said. 

Doug trailed behind Drew as they entered the study where Alex and Dobbs were waiting.  Drew looked at Dobbs.  “What was Alex up to?”

“You weren’t kidding when you told me she was a live one,” Dobbs said.  He stood up and poured himself and Drew a glass of whiskey.  “She and her beau went off together and had a little fun.”  Dobbs handed Drew his drink.  

“What kind of fun?”  Drew asked, and he looked directly at Alex for an answer.

Alex was shaking and could hardly speak.  Finally after almost a minute of silence she managed to speak. “We fucked,” Alex blurted.  Doug closed his eyes wondering if Alex had ever learned how to lie.  The first rule was never to admit to anything.  He had no idea that Alex had been trained well to tell her dad the truth when she was asked. 

“Is that what happened Doug?”  Drew turned around and looked at Doug.  “Did you fuck my daughter?”

Doug felt a lump rise in his throat.  “I wouldn’t call it that.”

“What would you call it?”  Drew asked.  He lit a cigarette and waited for Doug to answer. 

“We were making love, we love each other,” Doug said. 

“I see,” Drew said.  He looked at Alex.  “My daughter is not allowed to sneak off and ‘make love’.   Why don’t you tell Doug what happens in this house when you break the rules?”

Alex’s face turned scarlet red.  “I don’t know what happens.” 

“Oh yes you do,” Drew said.  “Tell him.”

Even though Doug already knew, it was still difficult for her to say.  “I get my ass beat.” Alex said.  She could hardly choke out the words.    

Dobbs looked at Alex’s forlorn figure and felt a little bit of sympathy for her because he knew what facing Drew was like.  Dobbs was as tough as nails, but even he was afraid of facing Drew.  Dobbs knew what Drew was capable of, so he couldn’t imagine being the daughter of a man like Drew.  He wondered if Drew was going to kill Doug and then he wondered why the foolish boy hadn’t gone home when he had the chance. 

“That’s right Doug,” Drew said.  “My daughter gets her ass beat when she breaks the rules and ‘fucking’ you is considered breaking the rules.”

“I’ll take her beating for her.”  Doug said.

Drew looked at Dobbs and laughed.  “What is this, a page out of Tom Sawyer?” 

Dobbs shrugged. 

“Your bravery doesn’t impress me Doug.  It’s time for you to go home.  You won’t be seeing anymore of Alex without adult supervision, and I’m afraid you’ll have to wait at least a week before you see her at all.  Dobbs will show you out.”

Doug was determined not to let Alex suffer for their love making.  “I’m serious, I’ll take her beating.” 

“Get him out of here,” Drew said to Dobbs.

Doug knew he was defeated when Dobbs grabbed him by the arm and firmly escorted him from the study.  “I can see myself out.”  Doug said and shook his arm free.  

Drew nodded at Dobbs who made sure Doug left the house and drove away in his car.  Dobbs entered the study to let his boss know that Doug was gone.

“Thanks Dobbsie,” Drew said.  “You can leave now.” 

Dobbs nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him. 

Alex began to bawl.  “I didn’t know you had a bodyguard watching me.” 

“Obviously,” Drew said.  “If you knew I had Dobbs watching you then you would have tried a lot harder to ditch him before you and Doug got inside each other’s pants.” 

“Oh God,” Alex said. 

“We both know God isn’t going to save you,” Drew said.  He was amused dealing with Alex after all of the other people he had to deal with in the city.  His daughter was full of spunk and defiance.  Everyone else was too afraid of him to pull this sort of shit.  It was a refreshing change. “Did you at least use protection?”  Drew asked.       

“Of course,” Alex said.   She began to rock back and forth nervously.  “Just get it over with,” she pleaded.  “I can’t stand all of this waiting around.” 

Drew looked at her for what seemed an eternity.  “Alex, I’m only trying to raise you right.” 

Alex immediately thought “bullshit,” but she didn’t say it. 

“I’m going to punish you, but this time it won’t be with the paddle or belt.  I’m going to have Bob make a list of chores for you to complete for the next week.”  Drew said. 

“What?” Alex was shocked.  

“Yep,” Drew said.  He grabbed her by the chin.  “I know how much you hate to take a whippin’, so we’re going to try something new.”  Drew sighed.  “I know you like Doug a lot, but you can’t sneak away and fuck him and you know that.  It would also be a good thing for you to keep in mind that when you leave this town and go off to college next year, there will be a lot more boys waiting for you.  Don’t get hung up on one boy from a Podunk Montana town.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Enjoy your romance with Doug while it lasts and finish high school, but I hope that you realize your goals are going to take you far away from this town and this house, and I doubt Doug will be able to follow you.”  

Alex hung her head.  She knew he was right, but it hurt like hell to hear it.    

“The time for being a child is over Alex.  You’re a young lady now.”  Drew poured himself another whiskey.  “Dobbs is around to protect you, so promise me that you won’t give him too much trouble.”

Alex couldn’t help smirking.  “You know I can’t promise that.” 

Drew chuckled.  “Always remember that I love you Alex.  If we don’t see each other for a long time, I always want you to remember that no matter what.”  He held open his arms as she rushed into them. 

“Don’t leave again.”  Hot tears ran down Alex’s face.

“I have to go again Alex, but I’ll be back.”  Drew said.  He was going to add the words “I promise” but he thought better of it.

He watched as Alex left the study and went upstairs to bed.  Dobbs was standing nearby.  “Don’t let them have too much fun and keep her safe, but look the other way from time to time.”  Drew said.

Dobbs nodded.  “I’ll pretend they give me the slip once in a while.”   

Drew went down the hall to see Michelle.  It had been a long day. 

“Is Alex ever going to be able to sit down again?”  Michelle asked as she removed her earing and walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but some lingerie that she had been wearing under her clothes.

“I didn’t whip her this time.  I’m going to have Bob make a chore list for her.” 

Michelle wasn’t sure she had heard him right.  “What?”

Drew sat on the bed and pulled off his boots.  “I’ve been thinking that I’m too hard on her.  It’s time for me to back off a little.  Hell, at Alex’s age I was…”  He stopped short.

“You were what?”  Michelle asked.  She straddled him and helped herself to a sip of his whiskey.

Drew looked at his wife with affection and took his glass of whiskey back.  “When I was her age I was carrying guns and collecting money for my Pop.  I had already iced a few men, and I was as corrupt as the day was long.  I figure, she’s going to do better than me by a mile no matter what at this point.  I may have saved her from going down the wrong road, I don’t know, but either way she’s going to do OK.  She wants to go to Princeton instead of Prison.  I think I did my job.  She’s got to be strong the rest of her life because of who she is.  All of our kids will have to be strong.” 

Tears came to Michelle’s eyes.  “You’re not going to die on us are you?”

Drew looked at his beautiful wife and pulled her close.  “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life for which I deserve to be six feet under.  I’ve got it coming to me, I just don’t know when.  We’ve all got it coming sooner or later, so I can’t guarantee you that I will be able to stay out of the line of fire indefinitely, but I’ll try my best.” 

Michelle wet his cheek with her tears. 

Drew knew it was time for Michelle to accept that he wasn’t invincible.  He held her all night and made love to her with all the passion he possessed.  He had to leave in another two days.  He wasn’t even sure he was safe at his own ranch anymore and he didn’t want to put his family at risk.  The longer he stayed the more he worried about his family’s safety.   


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